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The Flow

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The Flow sneak peek

The Flow is the app I built to track my expenses. I plan to write a full post about how I built it - why I made it, explain some of the tech & product decisions, and share the lessones learned along the way.

In the meantime, I want to emphasize one thing in particular - Migrations.

I believe great developers are ones that are good with migrations, so while building "The Flow" I intentionally chose to implement the app in a way that I'll migrate parts of it (e.g - implement navigation myself, without react-router).

This way, I also purify the value proposition of each individual library, while also aiming for code that is optimized for change, thus, getting better at migrations.

This is the current list of migrations I plan to implement:

  • remix as the full stack web framework
  • typescript for static type checking
  • react-router for routing
  • react-query/swr for server state
  • reach-ui/spectrum/chakra/headless-ui/tailwind-ui-react as a component library

And one more thing, here's a another sneak peek to the app:

The Flow sneak peek